Kids Happy Heart Gold Foil T-Shirt

$ 30.00

Our hearts have been broken, stirred, opened, and uplifted by the tragic event in Laredo,Tx. We believe there's no better time to promote safe driving than now! We have incorporated some of your helpful comments from our previous posts, in an effort to bless the families affected and spread awareness! Our "Happy Heart" tee is now available in Unisex/Mens and Toddler sizes. Thank YOU for the incredible support!!!! We will do everything we can to promote safe driving in our communities as we honor these beautiful women: Karina Villarreal, Adriana Rodriguez and Monica Pastrana! I pray that these women's lives be a reminder to all, how very tragic the consequences of reckless driving can be. This can happen to anyone!! I am asking you to please wear this shirt in their honor and pledge: “No Texting and Driving.” I shine light more so on this because it has become a more common occurrence than ever before. Let's make "textless driving" the new social norm. I am seeking your support to help me spread awareness on social media!!!! Karina and  Adriana's legacy live forever!

*Wash inside out in cold water. Do not dry.